Go with the flow

Installation view: Fluide Mediale, STUDIO FOR ARTISTIC RESEARCH (2019)

The work Go with the flow is made of a printed towel hanging on a clothesline in the room. The print motif is a captcha roughly pixelated by the enlargement. Captchas are used on the Internet to distinguish people from computer programs by deciphering pictorially depicted letters or solving arithmetic problems. The task of the captcha on the Internet would be to decipher the wavy text „Go with the flow“ and enter it into the open field. By transferring it from virtual to material space, the functions are reversed – instead of the impossibility of entering the text, now there is the possibility of interpreting the semantic content of the sentence, as well as the connection between text and towel as form and content.

Druckdatei: Go_with_the_flow.jpeg