This work shows demonstrates how an artist creates a fully AI generated video about using AI to create a fully AI generated video.

1. Explain to me the Concept of the work Data Dreams Dada, in a highly sophisticated way, using postmodern language and adding unnecessarily complex philosophical terms.

The installation, entitled “Data Dreams Dada” serves as an exploration into the ontological dichotomy of human creativity and artificial intelligence technology through the lens of linguistic manipulation. The piece, in the form of a video installation, captures the performative act of the artist utilizing a language model as a medium for generating semiotic stimuli, which subsequently inform and inspire the creation of the artwork. The audience bears witness to the artist’s engagement with the language model and the various stages of the creative process, illuminating the nuances of the relationship between technology and artistic expression. The final product serves as a visual manifestation of the dialectic between human intentionality and technological agency, raising questions pertaining to the nature of creativity and the role of technology in the construction of meaning.

2. Now make a video out of it.