A collection of projects and ideas that examine the intersection of AI and Art.

  • Garbage Time

    Garbage Time

    Visit a 3d scan of the McBride class exhibition Garbage Time at the recent Rundgang of the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf.

  • Chatbot iTill

    Chatbot iTill

    iTill is a chatbot programmed in Python by ChatGPT using the API of GPT-3 and a keyword recognition system. It runs on, and you can chat with it via Telegram:

  • Kids Drawings fed to SD

    Kids Drawings fed to SD

    These drawings were made in the context of the exhibition 74th Bergische Kunstausstellung, where I exhibited the work THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. A school class was given the task by their teacher to draw me in the tank. The results were recomposed by Stable Diffusion.

  • The Incendiaries

    The Incendiaries

    Ongoing graphic novel project by ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion, vaguely based on the novel “The Flamethrowers” by Rachel Kushner.

  • Data Dreams Dada (2023)

    Data Dreams Dada (2023)

    The installation, entitled “Data Dreams Dada,” serves as an exploration into the ontological dichotomy of human creativity and artificial intelligence technology through the lens of linguistic manipulation.

  • The Art of Prompting

    The Art of Prompting

    “Beyond its role as a mere creative prompt, I believe that a prompt can be elevated to the status of an artwork itself. Just as art can inspire and evoke emotion, a prompt can spark new ideas and guide the creative process. In this way, a prompt becomes a tool for unlocking the limitless potential of artistic expression.” – ChatGPT