Whiteboard 24.52 01.23

The work Whiteboard 24.52 01.23 was exhibited on September 12 on the occasion of the commemoration days South-South Cooperation Day, Remembrance Day, Homeland Day, World Rubber Day, Open Monument Day, Headache and Migraine Day. The exhibition will be on display at Palace at Worringer Platz, Düsseldorf until 10.10.2021.

74. Bergische Kunstausstellung

Think outside the box at the 74. Internationale Bergische Kunstausstellung at the Kunstmuseum Solingen, shown with works by Swinda Oelke, Moritz Riesenbeck, Rebekka Benzenberg and Nicholas Grafia, among others. https://rp-online.de/nrw/staedte/solingen/in-solingen-oeffnet-die-74-bergische-kunstausstellung_aid-53429651 https://www.solinger-tageblatt.de/solingen/solingen-kuenstler-schwebt-eine-stunde-salzwasser-13915720.html https://www.solinger-tageblatt.de/solingen/werke-beschaeftigen-sich-selbst-13909622.html https://rp-online.de/nrw/staedte/solingen/preis-der-bergischen-kunstausstellung-2020-geht-an-max-hoelter_aid-51085995 https://www.engels-kultur.de/internationale-bergische-kunstausstellung-kunstmuseum-solingen

Think outside the box

The work Think outside the box is an isolation tank filled with warm salt water. The video below documents the joint performance with Konstantinos Angelos Gavrias. Beitrag über Think outside the box im Onlinejournal w/k – Zwischen Wissenschaft & Kunst Article about Think outside the box in the online journal w/k – Between Science & Art